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scorenamestereoisomerisotopomerformulamolecular massanalytemetabolitereference substance
1000Sarcosine  ambient C3H7NO289.093
1000carbamic acid ethyl ester (urethane)  ambient C3H7NO289.093
10002-nitropropane  ambient C3H7NO289.093
1000AlanineD- ambient C3H7NO289.093
1000AlanineDL- ambient C3H7NO289.093
1000AlanineL- ambient C3H7NO289.093
1000beta-AlanineL- ambient C3H7NO289.093
208[94220] lactamide 2 [8.394]  ambient   
208[5641] carbamic acid ethyl ester (urethane) [6.361]  ambient   
208Sarcosine, 1-13C- (2TMS)  13C   
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